The DJ scene is constantly evolving, and there are a lot of choices for the potential clients to make. Is the client looking for a big, extravagant light show or a more relaxed presentation? Do they want an energetic entertainer to “wow” their guests or a more elegant conservative approach? Are they throwing a Corporate event, a wedding, a high school prom, or a college formal? No matter what the event, no matter where it is being held Planet DJs is there to help make it happen.


    Planet DJs is a full-service entertainment company in MICHIGAN that specializes in weddings, mitzvahs, private parties, corporate events, school events, and much more. Our business continues to grow, day in and day out. In addition to providing an outstanding entertainment experience for our clients, the key to our success and growth is the passion and dedication of our DJ staff.


    Are you tired of broken promises from other companies? Disappointed at the package you paid for? From start to finish we pride ourselves in offering service beyond any of our competitors. We do everything to ensure dependability. So whatever your needs may be, we are always able to accommodate you. We have been providing the very best mobile musical entertainment since 1995. Our goal is not only  to bring you ultimate enjoyment, but to surpass all other music companies that make promises they don’t keep.


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