Add karaoke to any event and your guests will have a blast!


    Who doesn’t love to sing in the shower? Well now, it’s time to take your singing to the next level. Karaoke actually originated in Japan. The word karaoke is actually a melding of Japanese words “kara”, meaning “Empty”, and “oke’ from the word “okesutora”, meaning orchestra. It has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds, and is now part of main stream American pop culture.


    Here at Planet DJs we offer karaoke as an add-on to any DJ package for $75.00 School dances, wedding receptions and parties can all be made much more entertaining when karaoke is added into the equation. We have over 160,000 songs to choose from and our collection is growing all the time. With the addition of karaoke to any service, you will have access to 3 wireless or wired microphones, song binders that list the songs in alphabetical order, as well as request slips and pencils.


    We also do karaoke parties, where we DJ in the form of karaoke in between songs, we play popular music while we cue up next karaoke song. Too add karaoke to your DJ package, simply call Planet DJs 248-218-1754 to tell us your wishes, and we will get everything ready for you and your guests to sing the night away. Ever wanted to host your own version of American Idol? We Call it Motown Idol, a karaoke contest where students, family, friends, (and a few brave teachers) compete for top prizes. Planet DJs can help you organize your own karaoke event that will quickly become an annual tradition at tour party or school! It can also make a great fundraiser!

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