Yeah, we're having a party!


It’s pretty simple to throw a great party. All you need is good food and good company. You provide the company and we will provide the homemade from scratch cooked to order pasta dishes just the way you like it with all your favorite ingredients.


The 2 liters of soda are over by the ice and the chips are on the table with the rest of the snacks. The delicious veggie and fruit trays are on display. Oh boy, what about the salads?  Well, we've got Antipasto, Greek, Tossed and Julienne party salads.


Wait, we almost forgot the good stuff. The create your own pasta bar with homemade cooked from scratch hand breaded deep fried mouthwatering chicken breasts and egg plant parmesan with homemade meatballs and fresh caught shrimp. Your guests get to choose their pasta noodles then mix in toppings. The best part is not the white Italian bread it’s the sauces that we make from scratch right in front of your face they are so tasty that your guests will probably want to come back for seconds or even thirds!


Hold on just a second, what about dessert? How about homemade brownies, chocolate chip cookies and bakery fresh cannoli’s? Well we've got 'em!


Guess who we called! Our favorite entertainment company Planet DJs Entertainment. They do catering for pharmaceutical reps, corporate parties, birthday, holiday and graduation parties as well as Superbowl parties. They also travel to anywhere in Michigan!

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