Rock ’n Roll Recess is a program designed for grade school students! A fast paced, energy driven event, Rock ’n Roll Recess is a great way to get everyone involved with the fun. When is a “dance” NOT a “dance”? When Planet DJs come to your school, laden with prizes, special dances and activities with the Rock ‘n Roll Recess show. Your students will learn the steps to some classic dance tunes like “The Chicken Dance” and “Limbo” but we will also be introduced to some funtastic songs with unique dances made popular by the Planet DJs crew! Better yet, to go along with the songs and fun, add special props that your students can keep for added participation and enjoyment. Sunglasses, Foam Hats, Beach Balls, are just some of the items we incorporate into your Rock ‘n Roll Recess Show. Fun responsible, creative people who are great with kids complete the package! Whether it’s a short day, a reward program or just for fun, Rock ‘n Roll Recess is perfect for your school! Call now to get more  info.


Middle School & Junior High Dances

    High energy fun is the name of the game with our Middle School shows. We take carefully trained entertainers, who work well with kids, and the latest songs, that are appropriate for the age group, and we make it an event to remember. We keep the energy high and the slow songs to a minimum to make sure the atmosphere fits into the values you’re trying to instill in your school.


High School Dances

    From the celebration of Homecoming, to the formal excitement of Prom, Planet DJs have the experience and professionalism to be your source for entertainment all year. We have several different programs available that can be customized with additional lighting or interactive games to make your event a memorable one. Snow-fest, post-Games or Sadie Hawkins, Planet DJs have the ideas and enthusiasm to meet your expectations!

    Our Disc Jockeys are great at dealing with young adults. Their main function is to be the focus for fun that night. Whether it’s communicating one on one with people, creating a play list from requests or using the microphone to get everyone involved, our DJs know how to make it fun. Our High School shows are built around energy, music, and excitement.

You name it we can do it!

• Homecoming Dance

• Sadie Hawkins Dance

• Snowcomings Dance

• Freshman Formals

• Proms

• Senior All Night Parties

• Lunchgates

• Senior All Night Parties

• Fundraiser Dances

• Welcome Back Dances

• End Of The Year Dances

• Elementary To College Dances

• 5th & 8th Grade Graduation Dances

• Daddy Daughter Dance

• Mother Son Dance

• Fun Runs


State-of-the-art Sound And Lighting!

    Planet DJs brings the absolute best sound and lighting equipment money can buy to your event! Whether your event is for 50 people or 10,000 plus people Planet DJs has you covered. Planet DJs has a concert style intelligent light show that is off the charts. Planet DJs always brings back-up equipment standing by at every event to ensure that there will be little or no interruption in the music and lighting. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and keeping it maintained to ensure your party will have the best sound and lighting possible.


Music At School Dances!

    In the past, at a school dance, the BEST WAY to pack a dance floor was to play all the current R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Top 40, and Country (the hit songs on the “Pop” music charts). The best versions available to the DJ were the “radio edits” the same as you hear on the radio.



   Though these versions are featured by popular radio stations, according to school faculty,parents, and we at Planet DJs, the language and content of much of this music is simply not appropriate for school functions. Through a time-consuming process,

Planet DJs goes through each segment of every song with a “fine-tooth comb.”

We then creatively edit out everything questionable or undesirable.

The result -squeaky clean versions of the hit songs that still thrill the students

but raise no faculty eyebrows!

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