Theme parties are the best! Planet DJs loves coming up with creative party theme ideas that will make your event unforgettable! So make your party planning easy with these great parties ideas!

“Everybody knows a little place like Kokomo.” We help you get away from it all with a luau

Beach Party theme. The  luau party theme remains the #1 favorite for parties. Fasten your seat belts, for whats’s in store. A full-room conga line that will weave everyone onto the dance floor. House lights are dimmed and an array of party-lights compliment a presentation of variety dance music entertainment to get the crowd pumped up. It’s party time! There’s also party games with an island flair and a serious limbo contest. Check out for a successful tropical party with their large selection of luau decorations, scene setters, paper goods, hula skirts, flower leis and table accessories.

                                                                                                                             Have A Luau Blast


Dress up like the disco era and put on your “BOOGIE SHOES” and “LET’S GROOVE TONIGHT!”

The Saturday Night Fever Disco Party is a “CELEBRATION” of “GOOD TIMES!” You’re gonna get down with golden opportunity to “SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING,” and “GET DOWN TONIGHT”. All the most sensational, chart-busting dance music from the fabulous Disco Era, creatively beat-mixed to assure the dance floor stays packed all night long. Intelligent  Lighting scanning 30 colors and 40 ecstatic patterns over the dance floor. Distortion-free sound reinforcement with chest-thumping bass, producing the characteristic “thump” of the pulsating disco beats. A 16 inch mirror ball, ala “Saturday Night Fever,” hung high from the ceiling and illuminated from all four corners of the room, casting thousands of dazzling sparkles over the walls and ceiling.


Halloween costumes and lots of treats in store for the biggest party in town. Are you trying to organize the best Halloween party that will be talked about for weeks after your special event? Don’t fret... Planet DJs has you covered. Our selection of spooktacular music will have them screaming all night! Happy Halloween! You would be a psycho to miss it! Costume competition with prizes for best terrifying costumes and lots of great games and contests and don’t forget about the Mummy Wrap.


They were the first Rock and Roll songs that ushered in a new musical era. They are the very heart of Rock and Roll. They were the inspiration of many of today’s top recording artists. They make up the format for numerous radio stations across the country. They are listened to and enjoyed by young and old. They are the hits from the 50’s and 60’s - the original R&B, Doo-Wop, “Old Time Rock & Roll,” “Blast From The Past,” “GOLDEN OLDIES!” The Golden Oldies, Sock Hop highlights the memorable novelty tunes, Number 1’s and a colossal cross section of the smash hits from the past, with nostalgia, enthusiasm, and fun. Especially for those who can “remember when,”  stringing together the really big chart busters, one after the other, creates a GREAT feeling. It’s a celebration! Visitors and guests get to hear the really good stuff, the songs they loved from the good ole’ days, and they get to hear them back to back!


Back to the 60’s & 70’s! The times were changing and music was too. Remember the Beatles?  John Lennon Glasses and Hippie Wigs? Peace Signs and Afros? Woodstock and The Grateful Dead? Party with famous 60s and 70s icons at your psychedelic bash. Dress in 60s and 70s fashions such as bell bottoms, short short shorts, tie-dye t-shirts, go-go boots, ripped jeans, love beads and peace signs. We hang a disco ball in the middle of the dance floor and dance the night away to 60s and 70s tunes. No 60s and 70s bash is complete without the intelligent light show and killer 24,000 watt  concert style dance club approved speaker system with subwoofers to keep the party rockin’ all night long.


Create a “Wanted” poster as the invitation to your party! Use parchment colored paper and black lettering to invite guests to the

hoe-down. Ask your guests to come dressed for the occasion. Clothing ideas are denim jeans or skirts, bandannas, chaps, cowboy boots with spurs, cowboy hats, holsters or vests. One could also wear a Native American costume with moccasins, feathered headdress bow and arrow. Another costume idea is to be the town sheriff. Create a mood for your party that will make even the most reserved of guests want to kick up their heels and join in some good old country western fun! Planet DJs is your ticket to fun and excitement. Games like Rattlesnake Ruckus, Shot Gun Limbo, Cotton Eyed Joe and many more. The awesome light show and 24,000 watt sound system rounds out this country western theme dance.


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